Safe Place

Yet I believe that school should be a safe place, the way home is supposed to be.  A place where you belong, where you know and care for the other people and are known and cared for by them, a place where people come before information and ideas.   School need to comprehend the relationship between the subject matter and the lives of students, between teaching and the lives of teachers, between school and home.

“Fear,” Krishnamurti wrote, “Fear is what prevents the flowering of the mind.”

So, we’re building a safe place.  A vision of a safe place.  Teaching and learning in a safe place.  Living in a safe place.  But the safe place I want also has zing.  “Safe” needn’t be dull.  A really safe place, a really peaceable kingdom enables us to take risks.  To be comfortable exploring new directions, comfortable with failure, comfortable with new roles and successes – not only within the kingdom.

– Jane Tompkins, A Life in School – What the Teacher Learned

Sumber :, saat mencari jawaban PR Lab Act.

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